About Us

At the moment, ‘us’ is me, Kathleen Hogan, retired pediatric physical therapist and lap desk maker. I’ve always cared deeply about people – the kids I treated and their families, my lap desk customers who work and play much more comfortably, and now all the women who have treated themselves to these absolutely fun sweater coats.

Sergers, Sweater Coats, and Smiles!

In November of 2011 I was inspired by Kat O’Sullivan’s clothing pattern for making pixie coats.  I bought a serger and lots of wool and cotton sweaters. I learned to use the serger (lots of swearing involved) and am now offering this fun women’s clothing to you for your wearing pleasure. I’ve sold a number of sweater coats as of May 2014, and the joy on the faces of the women who have purchased them goes straight to my heart. Seeing them twirling and smiling makes me very happy.

So my day is taken up with making lap desks and clothing, brushing my three cats and working on this website with the help of an exceptional group of people.

My intention is to eventually share this site with other clothing designers and makers. If you would like more information or want to share ideas, get in touch!

  Open By Appointment – 132 Formac Avenue – Eugene, Oregon 97404
(541) 606-6473