Sweater Coat Website: Day 1

The first day of this website in the world. Wow. Learning WordPress is fairly easy and I have a great website designer, Brian Kitching to help me out. Also my friend and SEO advisor Kim Welsh is helping. I’ve added a contact page and an ‘about us’ page even though ‘us’ is only me, so far. But with time, I will add other clothing designers, at least link to them, to create a family group.

I’m a big group person, in at least ten circles of people here in Eugene; my old Physical Therapy friends, my cancer support group (I am cancer-free), my business networking groups, the local Saturday Market fair vendors, the friends I’ve known for thirty years of living here, my co-counseling group, my FB followers and friends, my old Seth Book study group, my minor acting and modeling career friends, etc. Now I’m part of a group of women making clothing, specifically¬†sweater coats and skirts, arm warmers and matching scarves.

I’m thrilled to think of myself as an artist and my hope is that all people who know me and see the things I make will be inspired to create their own life designs.


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