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Oregon Clothing Design sweater coats, vests and dresses are being worn by women all over Oregon and throughout the Pacific Northwest. The beautiful coats below in both cotton and wool have already been sold, BUT you can still order one in the same colors and similar patterns. We can also help you design a sweater coat in colors and patterns that are uniquely your own!

Bring us 10 sweaters and receive $50.00 off your coat (the sweaters you bring in must be used in your coat).

Contact us to discuss your sweater coat, dress, hoodie or skirt today!


This is Jennifer, she custom ordered this cotton sweater coat in bright pastels. Completed: January, 2015. Thank you Jennifer!


This sweater dress looked fantastic on the woman who bought it. Made with only three sweaters, it was slimming to the hips.  Sold December 2014.


This delightful pixie coat was purchased by a young woman as a Christmas gift to herself, December 2014.



Ahh Goodbye to my favorite red wool coat, purchased in summer, 2014 by a woman who saw it at the Eugene Saturday Market and had to have it even though it was 70 degrees outside.


         This fall colors wool coat was purchased by Julie as a Christmas gift to herself, thanks Julie! Christmas 2014.


This child’s coat was purchased by a mother who said it was the best Christmas gift she’d seen, December, 2014.



 Kristen bought this fun vest for a local fair, July 2013. Such a sweet angel!


Debbie custom ordered the above coat in black, brown, white and burgundy.


Oregon Clothing Design Back of the sweater coat

Stephanie models the wool sweater coat in blues and whites, purchased
by Debbie who later came back 
and ordered a custom coat, March 2013. Thank you Debbie!


The artist models the sweater coat in grays and browns and a bit of purple, sold at Christmas 2012
as a gift from a woman to herself.


Blue, green, and tan sweater coat

Stephanie again in the wool sweater coat in reds, blues, browns, and greens. Sold at Christmas 2012
to a man who saw his wife in it and couldn’t say ‘no’.


Modeling her new sweater coat

Julianne models the wool sweater coat in oranges, browns, and a hint of green. Sold to Kelly, a
woman with blond hair, wow she looked fantastic, December 2012.


This cotton sweater coat in pinks, greens, white, and black was sold to a mom
for her daughter as a Christmas 2012 gift.


This wool sweater top and skirt in pinks and multicolored stripes was purchased as
a Christmas 2012 gift for a young woman by her boyfriend.


This wool sweater coat in purples, reds, and a hint of brown was purchased
as a Christmas 2012 gift.


This sweet cotton hoodie was purchased in Eugene as a  Mother’s Day gift!


This bright and lightweight cotton sweater was purchased in Eugene by a young woman for her sister. 


Ahhh the lovely Kachina coat, purchased as a Christmas gift in Eugene, December 2013. Thank you Jan!


Susan B. Anthony sweater coat, sold Christmas, 2013. Thank you Judy!


This cute cotton hoodie and matching skirt sold, Christmas 2013.


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